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13th February 2015

10:14pm: The Giants
Well count me in the 'utterly charmed and sold' on the Giants camp.

Not that taking a 2 yo and a 5 yo to see them this morning didn't have it's challenges. Wow yes. But even with the heat, the hassle of taking them and all the kit, the hassle of keeping one of them amused for like an hour and a half before there was really anything he could see, even though I got DRENCHED (oh yeah, if you get anywhere near that boat, expect to get very very wet), even though it is loud, even though it is packed, even though the street closures basically killed off the public transport we were trying to use to get home and so I had to push 35 kilos of kid home...

It is wonderful and is worth the time to go see it. I loved it, Rio loved it, and Atti, although getting drenched freaked him out, he can't stop telling everyone about "the little girl giant and her truck that squirted Mummy". So I would call that a hit all round.

We are even thinking of going again tomorrow (sans the small) to see the diver awaken. 

Possibly makes us suckers for punishment *grin*.

The only thing I regret was not figuring out that it would be the one opportunity where the 300 lens would have been a big winner!
Current Mood: pleased

11th February 2015

8:46am: Eurovision
Aussie aussie aussie!


Now here is the thing we want to watch out for. Winning. See, I think the idea of winning is hilarious. Because then we have get to host the damn thing. Which would be bloody hilarious! 

If we win, please tell me there will be cameras on the treasurer and PM at the moment of announcement!

So can we assume that we will end up with some kind of tv show with all the winners of this year's reality music tv shows in some kind of battle to be the eurovision entrant?
Current Mood: amused

4th February 2015

4:21pm: Funny

Totally worth your time to watch. Matt Inman is not only hilarious, but so is his signing translator. Check out the bits around 6.50 where she is signing about priapism and death. Brilliant.

22nd January 2015

4:27pm: Chooks
Talk to me about chickens, people.

My friend and I are getting 4 chickens for her shiny new coop. We both want decent lay-ers, but she is also keen that they be sort of pets for her little boy (I guess mine too when we go over there to help clean up).

So in my head you get Australorps, full stop, but she was talking about a basic brown chook.

I have done some reading (and have to figure out where I put the Jackie French chicken book) and it seems Australorps are better for colder climates, rather than hot. Huh. So any thoughts? We want something that will be ok (in time) with kids, will have some time each day to free range around her backyard which has a bit of garden and is a decent lay-er.

Squee at me, chicken people. Cause from what I am reading, for docile pet and good lay-er, Australorps, Plymouth Rocks, Sussex or Isa Browns are the go. None of which show up in the 'yay for a hot climate' list. 

My head hurts. 
Current Mood: confused

10th January 2015

1:06pm: Interesting interview
Here. William F Buckley and Milton Friedman on negative income tax.

Buckley is awful, but you would expect that.
Current Mood: thoughtful

29th October 2014

2:37pm: swearing for feminism
I have to say, I absolutely love this.

Don't watch if you have an issue with swear words, especially if it is kids saying them. 

27th October 2014

12:59pm: fatality review
You have to know you have a problem when your Government puts out a 91 page document about the family and domestic violence fatality review process they will be implementing. 

*head shake*

14th October 2014

11:13am: Trolls
Have you seen this? Absolutely brilliant.

25th September 2014

9:27pm: Habits
Following [personal profile] fred_mouse 's lead, I am going to try making a change or adding a new habit each week to my life. So what do I want to change?

Well this week's habit is to get a bit more exercise. I should be able to add in a walk or ride each day - maybe not on Mondays. I should be able to do at least 30 minutes a day.

Today my neighbour and I took our kids on a ride around the blocks - they rode, we walked. And I did a fair bit of walking round Northbridge. So that is today's habit done - I did well over a half hour's exercise today.

11th September 2014

12:17pm: Snigger
iCloud just sent me an email saying that they have changed their packages - you get more storage for less now, and they have upgraded my account and are refunding me some money.

Hmmmm. I wonder WHY they are doing this right NOW? Can't imagine what that is about - eh?

Which is fine - cause you know, I don't have any nekkid pix up there. 

Please note - NOT sl*t shaming the celebs who did, in any way. I just don't have anything that goes to the cloud that concerns me if it is hacked. Also, doubt anyone is trying to hack my stuff either. So you know, yay for more storage and for actually less that free!

Current Mood: amused

9th September 2014

8:00pm: Research for the win!
Ok, so I think my head is gonna be ok. Turns out more knowledge is the answer. *

Trigger warning - DVCollapse )
*Usually is, right? 
Current Mood: drained
7:45pm: Get out of my head
So I am still stuck. I don't know how to get the stuff out of my head that I saw while researching today.

I was functionally useless this afternoon - I basically couldn't handle any more information about DV after watching the vlog. I kinda hope I can tomorrow, or that is going to be a bit of a problem. I mean, not only do I do legal work for a lawyer who deals with DV clients on Wednesdays, but I work on a DV presentation, my DV assignment and I just agreed to take on another DV project for another CLC. So if I can't handle this stuff, I am a bit stuffed.

 I can't decide if doing a bit of research to find out all the facts of the actual case that I got part of today would help. But I don't know. 

I mean, it is good in a way - given the subject I am working in, it is good to know that every know and again you will get kicked in the guts by this stuff, I mean, you should. One woman a week is killed in Australia by her partner or ex-partner - that kind of fact really SHOULD smack you around emotionally, right? 

So, in conclusion - DV broke my head today. And so I need to work out how I move on with this. Suggestions gratefully accepted.
Current Mood: distressed
1:33pm: and now I'm stuffed
So I am at the office where I volunteer, working on my DV project.

I thought I would watch a bunch of Laci Green and Marina Shutup you tube vids to find some stuff that would work in a presentation to teenage girls. Given that it is probably more accessible that our male lawyer or older woman doing it.

Laci Green has an awesome vid on DV.... but it is too confrontational. I can't possibly use it - because I am sitting here trying not to lose it after watching it. See it starts and ends with a 911 call.... and I can't get past it. I highly recommend all her videos - but that one... no. I mean we all know where DV can end up - but that is too much.

So now what the hell am I going to do with the rest of my afternoon? 
Current Mood: shocked

18th August 2014

7:23pm: Smoking
Does anyone have the equipment to smoke meat? I bought a bacon hock for making pea and ham soup on the weekend that doesn't seem to be smoked. I could roast it I suppose….. but if anyone has the kit and wouldn't mind me borrowing it for a few days, that would be awesome.
10:33am: Burke Quotes
I love this one about politicians...

     "Your representative owes you, not his industry only, but his judgement; and he betrays instead of             serving you if he sacrifices it to your opinion".

Yeah baby.

14th August 2014

7:35pm: Ban 'bossy'
Oh internet feminists and parents - I know some of you are there. I need some help. Well, my neighbour and I do.

Rio's mum and I have been talking about ways Rio can address people telling her she is 'bossy'. Unfortunately teaching her to say 'no, I am just assertive' or anything like it isn't working, because she is a month shy of 5 and she has that toddler lisp things - and I suspect can't remember the word either.

So we are trying to figure out what she can say in response. And sadly, it isn't just in response to kids at school, more adults than you think don't seem to have worked out that 'bossy' is a word we only use about females. 

So, things we are tossing around

"I'm not bossy, I just know what I want"
"I'm not bossy, I am just telling you what I want/think"
"I'm not bossy, I am a natural leader" (this one was mine and makes everyone laugh)

Any thoughts?
Current Mood: curious

29th July 2014

8:06pm: Good day
I had a particularly competent day today. Many things ticked off list. V pleased. 

9th July 2014

8:29pm: Quitting sugar
So I am reading this 'I quit sugar' book.

I have been thinking about trying it out. My doc was concerned with my sugar levels last blood test. It isn't awesome for someone with an autoimmune disease to eat this much sugar. I am overweight. I have a kid and I am trying to work out diet stuff for him… so why not for me too. Thought I might try the two month 'cleans' kind of program she advocates.

Anyway, I have only read through it, and I have a couple of thoughts/questions.

I think the woman who wrote this is also gluten intolerant (and dairy too) - but she doesn't particularly clearly make this link, and lots of her recipes using things that I think of as subs for dairy or gluten. Is there any reason I would use (much more expensive) ingredients such as coconut flour or buckwheat flour or almond milk if you don't have a gluten or dairy issue?

This book kind of seems to be including stuff that I don't need if the point is to cut out sugar. It also seems to be cutting out gluten, dairy and making everything organic and unprocessed. I get why she is going there, I think it is the market she is selling to… but anyone know if there is any reason I can't use plain flour (or at least wholemeal) or plain old milk or butter if the point is removing sugar? 
Current Mood: curious

24th June 2014

9:03pm: Brave
So I am watching this doco about Sandhurst Military Academy.

Aside from the usual thoughts - like why do they need to do the stupid stuff like toss their rooms and carry on about not properly opened curtains…. I am mostly impressed that one of the cadets (? I think) is interviewed sitting on his bed, which is made up with Dora the Explorer sheets!

I am also a bit concerned that this episode opened by showing you the pigs on the academy farm, and it seems to be an episode about whether the cadets will be able to kill when needed. And I have this horrible idea I know how this ep will end. Surely they would have had to have a disclaimer at the start though…. 

20th May 2014

12:30pm: 'genius' bar my arse
Honestly, what the hell is wrong with apple shops?

I took my laptop in a little while ago because it was playing up. Lovely guy, showed me that my battery is pretty near the end of its life, and needs to be replaced. Told me how much it would cost, and that they would need it for half a day. Watched the blood drain out of my face, and assured me it would only be half a day. Ok fine.

Then the inlaws didn't pick the kid up on time and I didn't get there.

So today I tried to make that appointment again. And oh holy farm, but that is annoying.

The woman on the phone seemed incapable of understanding that I have already had the 15 minute appointment. I know what needs to be done. I know what it will cost. I can't have my computer away from me for two days, I am a law student coming up on exams FFS. How about you order the parts, and once they are in I bring my computer in. Then it won't take long right? You can't do that. Ummm why exactly?

Because they can't.

So I thought, no problem. There is an apple products but not actually apple shop a couple of ks in the other direction. So I called them. They want my computer for 5 days. I can't pay for the battery and you get it in then fix my computer? No. Ummmm why exactly? Because you can't.

FFS. This is nuts. Who is going to do without their laptop for 5 days these days anyway? I am going to have to go back into the apple shop and stalk the guy from before. Honestly how can anyone be so annoying. 
Current Mood: pissed off

13th May 2014

10:29pm: oh and an update
Have not heard a thing about the job. I was supposed to know yesterday. I assume they are locking down the person they have chosen before officially rejecting the rest of us. Maybe they are fighting over two candidates. I dunno. But at this point I am assuming I have not got the gig. 

16th April 2014

12:53pm: Blink
Wow. $290 a day to house a prisoner.

It is actually cheaper to send someone to uni on a full ride. Or keep someone in a hospital.

I wonder why that little fact doesn't get much play in the media, hmmmm? Would we all be so keen on 'tough on crime' policies if they also came with a comparison of the opportunity cost? A new prison vs I dunno, five new schools? Smaller classrooms? An increase to welfare payments?

Meh. And I have a test on this stuff and I am not ready! Sooo not ready. Dammit I really wanted to do well in this unit. 

13th April 2014

2:15pm: Un-Australian
Huh. Tony Abbott is a '10 pound pom'. How come we heard about that all the time with Julia Gillard, but I have never come across this fact about Knight Abbott and I have read books about him?

Actually, I have no idea why I pose that question. I know exactly why this little fact doesn't get the same run it did with Julia.  
1:01pm: Maybe there is something to this 'return to the past' crap
I am reading newspaper articles about migrants btw 1945-1950. And the calmness and rationality and sense to the media's approach to examining the white Australia policy is, at least to me, used to the insanity of the migration discussion this this day and age, astonishing.

From Perth's Daily News on 25 Sept 1945. "...White Australia has become a tradition. That, however, should not mean it's merits cannot be discussed calmly....Australians must weigh.... whether it is now to Australia's economic and social advantage [to allow 'asiatics' to migrate]....Those questions will provoke differences of opinion, but they are too vital to ignore..."

How did we get so far from this?

I have pretty much decided that the paper is going to be on refugees, , looking at the media images and legislative outcomes at three distinct periods of significant 'non-white' migration; post WW2, the Vietnamese 'boat people' and .... well a current day one, not sure what point yet. Tampa? Children overboard? When all those people died in the wreck off Christmas Island? After 'Go back to where you came from' screened? I suspect that I will need to get back, closer to post 9/11 to be able to stomach writing about it without devolving into ranty-grouchie and it all falling apart at that point.

10th April 2014

7:07pm: huh
So in the course of my research I am going through old news papers online, and the way that I have to do it basically means ticking off the ones I want to search. So I am scrolling through lists of the newspapers that have existed in Australia. And there are a hell of a lot of them that only existed for 1914-1918. Which initially I thought, yeah, of course, people would want to know as much as possible during a war.

But, I thought there was a hell of a lot of censorship and 'no loose lips' kind of stuff going on then. So I wonder, were they only propaganda outlets? Really wish I had time to peruse.....
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